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Indulge in a Private Chef Experience with Myra Richards

Culinary Journey & Authentic Flavors

Embark on a culinary adventure with Chef Myra Richard, whose kitchen is a haven for those seeking the soul of Caribbean cuisine. Anchored in Anguilla's food scene, her dishes are a testament to the island's rich traditions and the power of locally-sourced ingredients. With a deft hand, Chef Richard crafts dishes like Grilled Salmon in creole sauce and BBQ Chicken with rice and peas, capturing the essence of Caribbean home cooking and the spirit of the ocean.

Island Zest & Diverse Offerings

Chef Richard's spice-infused dishes, such as Spicy Fried Chicken Wings paired with a green salad, boldly articulate the zest of Anguilla. Each plate reflects the island's authentic, vibrant life force. Her culinary offerings, including Veggie Spring Rolls and reimagined Conch Fritters, celebrate the diversity of her patrons and pay homage to Anguilla's seafaring legacy.

Ancestral Traditions & Bespoke Catering

Dishes like Stewed Oxtail and Steamed Whole Fish with Fungi are tributes to ancestral cooking methods, infusing each bite with history and meaning. Chef Richard extends her Anguillan spirit through private catering, transforming meals into experiences and memories woven into the tapestry of taste.

Culinary Artistry & Community Connection

Chef Richard provides more than a meal; she offers an odyssey of flavor and a celebration of community, sharing the story of Anguilla and her heritage through her art of cooking. As guests dine under the open sky, they're not just eating food, they're partaking in the rich narrative of the land, told through Chef Richard's culinary creations.